Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Church & rooftops

Went to the Cathedral of St. John the Divine to get my bike blessed one fine spring Saturday morning in early May--though I don't know if it counts since none of the holy water that the priest was flinging around managed to land on me or my bike.

And in a complete non-sequiter, it's been a pretty grand spring leading up to summer so far, with various rooftop parties and bbq's and free outdoor shows and such already under our belts. Here are a few shots from a Brooklyn rooftop party from a few weeks ago. The pagan theme of the party isn't apparent from this photo of James & Maki...

But Eric (in a look that I think quite accurately depicts what would happen if Bam Bam were to turn gay and then go blind) is a better representation of what most of the rest of the attendees looked like:

Oh and one last little photo from a long time ago, actually a screen grab from Brian "Bachelor"'s ikeepadiary blog that I browse on occasion:

Monday, June 25, 2007

Roosevelt Island Acoustic BBQ

Last weekend we headed out to Roosevelt Island to hear some bands (but all the hip kids seem to call them "projects" these days). There was a lot of diversity, in terms of musical styles, but I think my favorites were Golden Ghost, The Goddamn Rattlesnake, and Necking (whose set consisted of two guys 100 yards away from each other beating drums, hurling their drumsticks at each other, and yelling obscenities. Maybe you had to be there). It was a hot, I mean, HOT day, and in a field at the southern tip of the island, not a tree or shady spot in sight. There was a gorgeous view of Manhattan though. I was looking around on MySpace and found this guy who had a couple of shots of us (at least from the back). Here they are:

springtime unamplified acoustic bbq IMG 073
Originally uploaded by sandwich!
Originally uploaded by sandwich!

Our host, Todd P by name, kept pushing sunscreen and barbeque, urging us to put our beer in cups. I had to leave too early to see too much of Big A/Little A, but I managed to get a picture before I left. On my way out, I also got some pictures of the old hospital.