Monday, March 28, 2011

Looking Back, December and January

I'm combining December and January since it was a pretty quiet winter. And by quiet, I mean snowy! It seemed like every other week, we had another blizzard. There was even a night with both thunder and snow, otherwise known as THUNDERSNOW!!

I'm pretty much a fair-weather biker, but maybe I get vicarious props for having friends this hardcore:

had a party, where her birdies came out to mix and mingle with us!

These days, though, April has been super busy, fostering dogs. So far, she's had three doggie friends adopted to their forever homes (four if you count the one she's adopted herself)! Stop by her blog to find out more, especially if you're looking for a doggie friend of your own (although not the super-cute pup in the picture below, who has already been adopted!).

So what was I doing all this time? Knitting! I decided Christmas 2010 was going to be as handmade as possible. I must have knit ten items - hats, cowls, scarves — for family. A couple examples:

And before I knew it, Christmas was upon us!

After the consumerfest of Christmas, we all felt the need to slim down our closets and clutter, so Nim had a post-Christmas swap. Everyone brought two items, many of which were hilarious, and at least two of which were leopard print. Why yes, that is a leopard print Snuggie.

And some clothing that *somehow* didn't make the cut!