Friday, February 16, 2007

Puzzle Update

I actually finished the puzzle on Monday (that's right, two days after opening the box), but I had people over on Sunday, February 10th for knitting/puzzling. Here are pics:

It's an Edward Gorey picture and it's pretty awesome. It seems to be some kind of performance featuring, among other things: a dancing dog, a man on a bicycle, a devil, a small, ugly child with an enormous head, and two angels with jello molds. I'll post more pictures of the finished puzzle later.


julia said...

But wait, the fact that Audrey "had people over" in order to finish the puzzle does NOT mitigate the lameness of the fact that we started and completed a 1,000 piece puzzle in just three short days! Next thing you know, we're gonna start playing children's "edutainment" games for hours at a time--oh, right... well what about a Bingo marathon?

audrey said...

you can diss me all you want, but keep your negativity off I Spy!!