Friday, November 23, 2007


El Capitolio

Our host family in Havana

The day of horror in the Vinales hospital

Feeling much better after the injection, our host-gramps shows me what's up with Guantanamera
The next day, this smile belies the rapid return of the raging fever that had us racing several km back home on our bikes 30 mins later

Gorgeous cliffs in Vinales, as we recuperate pool-side at some swank hotel we were not staying at

Maria la Gorda ("the fat") was a Venezuelan lady who was marooned on Cuba and turned to prostitution to survive. This beach is named after her!

Julia snapped this lovely shot of a crumbling wall in Trinidad

Julia and Trinidad

We rode horses out to this amazing swimming hole

The Trinidad posse (plus our scary horse-wrangler in the background!)

It was a gorgeous ride

Julia puts on a smile for the camera

Stunning views on horseback

Julia's horse kept walking her into the thorn bushes. She was horrified when she realized that horses are untame beasts and actually need to be steered.

People really do use horses to get around every day. It's, like, totally normal.

On a catamaran going snorkeling!

If you could only bring one thing with you to a desert island... might play with it all day until the sun set

Impromptu salsa crash-course in Trididad

Yep, revolution is everywhere.

A '53 Chevy!


julia said...

Re the horseback riding tour that was supposed to be 3 hours but turned into a 7 hour ordeal--I was smiling on the outside but crying (no, sobbing hysterically) on the inside...

audrey said...

what was it that horse wrangler would yell out when he would canter up and whip your horse's rear?

julia said...

The Spanish word that I will never forget till the day I day... YEGUA!