Sunday, December 30, 2007

HK/China - 1st Installment

Yay -- me and mom!!

Some pics of her apt for the curious (esp. Julia, you voyeur, you)

Went shopping w/ Carina in Causeway Bay + got snacks (all that walking is hard work!)

Went to Guangzhou (Canton) for a few days w/ my mom and her HS friends on a tour. We went to a zoo where we saw this tiger show and *very* nearly got peed on when this tiger decided to start spraying the crowd!!

There were like 15 white tigers, and they made them do all kinds of tricks. At night they whore them out to the circus across the street (which we saw -- pretty amazing show, actually). At first I was sad for the zoo animals, but then I figured if you have to work the circus at least it's a better life living in a zoo with a "habitat" than in some cage traveling from town to town.

Baby tigers!!

I fed lucky money to a Chinese dragon.

At a temple.

Guangzhou is super ugly and tacky at night! The riverside has these neon lights lining it, and they light up in a pattern so it looks like they are moving. So hideous. Here is a boat (also gussied up in unnecessary neon lighting) and in the background a building advertising the Beijing olympics.

Some sections are pretty amazing -- this area was colonized by foreigners so looks really kind of French.

My mom and her buddies. They raged until 2AM singing karaoke one night in the hotel. I had no idea she even left the room -- I fell asleep at 10:30 and when I woke up at 7AM she told me all about it. She out partied me!!

Finally, this video is going out to Big J:


julia said...

Monkey so blase! Hilarious.

audrey said...

That monkey looks like such a muppet!