Thursday, May 8, 2008

Why I've been so sleep and friend deprived lately

Below are some golden moments from the film sets I've been on in the past few weeks:

That's Dennis Hopper in the background, the back of Leelee Sobieski's head in the extreme foreground, and Jacqueline Bisset at left in black!

Mara the cute as hell makeup artist and her "cadaver" handiwork.

The cadaver on set.

The very old school science room at Forest Hills High School (where the Ramones spent their formative years!).

Meg asleep on set--you'd steal a nap too if your call time were 5:30am.

You know that guy from "Days of Our Lives"? Me neither, but this is him.

Mike the locations guy and Jasmine the halfie child star!

Satoko asleep on set--it's not gonna be particularly difficult to keep this "so tired I'm nodding off at work" series going...

On that note, time for bed!


audrey said...

man, you work with some cute ass people. on a *completely* unrelated note, that guy from Days is so ready to flash you in his leopard print speedo, huh?

Julia said...

Ready to flash? If that ain't a flashing in progress I don't know what is. No way to take it back at that point!

vyc said...

that science room looks exactly like my old high school chemistry class room, except our stools were way more ghetto. also, that flasher is like, duh, eric winter, who plays rex dimera! just kidding. I looked it up on imdb. fortunately he was the first one I clicked and looked like a match. i could be wrong.

Julia said...

Even with cheating you are so not up on your soaps Viv! He's like totally Agim Kaba, who plays Aaron Snyder:

audrey said...

don't get too involved! it's not like you have time for a daytime addiction. i'll have to post about this ridiculous 60's soap i've been netflixing. julia, can we put the video capability back on the site? i'd like to post it instead of a link to youtube!

vyc said...

you're right. I'm not ashamed to admit I'm really not up with my soaps. much "like sands through the hour glass. these are the days of our lives." and so it goes.