Friday, August 22, 2008

2 pics x 3 summer days = fun times

SummerStage w/ the gang. Ran into Evan Rock!
Battles (pictured -- not that you can see it), Black Dice and Gang Gang Dance played. It was earsplittingly experimental.
On another night B2 and I went to her friend's art show (I missed most of it, walked in to find this naked girl standing on a podium in the middle of a bar... ok...) but what better way to shrug off the awkwardness than by going to a Jewish LES eatery (Sammy's Roumanian [sic]). There was an old dude playing piano and singing Frank Sinatra tunes (he actually sounded good! We thought it was a CD for the longest time), and they even got people to dance the hora.
All the gentiles in the house say What...(TF)?!!
And last for your viewing pleasure I present the Silent Rave. Another NYC summer oddity -- hundreds (of mostly HS age kids I reckon) gathered in Union Square and rocked out to their iPods.
This reveler's outfit said "Robot" in magic marker across the front.


audrey said...

Looks like you guys had an eventful (and supercute) couple of weeks!

b2lita said...

this is awesome cara!