Friday, September 19, 2008

Park(ing) Day

Today All Y'all rolled out the (slightly stinky) sod for Park(ing) Day where we took over a parking space for a day and gave it back to the people. Our concept may have been a little hard to pin down (drill, baby, drill?), but that didn't stop people from enjoying our little slice of 8th Ave. South.
We set up our little patch o' paradise...

with teamwork
and muscle!
And then we kicked back!
We were promptly joined by an array of New Yorkers who lost no time in taking advantage of a little ad hoc greenspace. There was this lady, who had a lot to say to Dominic:

There was Victor, who spent about an hour with us before he headed off to midday mass:

a blogger from Treehugger
A Twin Peaks fan!!Lauren, the dogwalker,

and Abel, who loved...I mean LOVED the grass.
We handed out brownies

and vegan cupcakes.
And generally soaked up the NY love.

And one last time, a very happy dog.

Plus a little something to add to our media page!


janicza said...

this seems like a wonderful idea
id love to do something like this in LA

let me know if youre at all interested in some bicoastal unions

Julia said...

Hey Janicza! They do a park(ing) day in LA too! Unfortunately, it's already come and gone for this year, but check out the website:

Give a shout whenever you're back in town next!