Tuesday, August 4, 2009

NM, yeah it'll be hot

That's the full two week car rental price, holy poo balls! I'm loving this trip already. Hopefully food and lodging is just as affordable. And that we find lots of unsupervised motel pools along the way... Anyone know anything about the supposed secret room at the Dia cabin of the Lightning Field? Also, taking suggestions on absolutely anything to see or do in New Mexico and Arizona--Audrey and I've got two weeks of unfettered exploring ahead of us!


audrey said...


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vyc said...

awesome! it's funny b/c at some point Amanda and I had imagined taking a Dia roadtrip and visiting all the cool installations across the US.

I don't know much about NM or Arizona, but doesn't James Turrell have his volcanic crater project somewhere in Arizona?

man, I'm so jealous! when are you going? I'm going to be in NYC for all of November, so I hope to see you ladeez then!

take care kiddos!

Julia said...

We leave Tuesday, and are out there cruising around through Labor Day weekend. SO psyched. The James Turrell crater, great idea! Except I just looked it up and apparently it's not finished yet.


Also look at the flickr set, woww: