Monday, May 3, 2010

Birthday Picnic

Last weekend, we had a picnic to celebrate Julia's and Yasaman's birthdays at the newly opened Pier 1 (not the furniture store) at Brooklyn Bridge Park. It was a beautiful day, though a bit chilly there on the water. It felt like coming out of hibernation!

I'm not sure who took these beautiful shots of Rowena and Amyjoy playing on the grass (Angelique?), but I love them!

After it got too chilly, we repaired to a local bar to keep the birthday fun going for a couple more hours!

We don't need much to have fun. Just a hat!


Julia said...

That second to last photo is brilliant. Yasa's dreamy face, the circle on her t-shirt echoed in the hat's lining, the guy in the photo on the wall behind them in the same hat, the black/white/beige tones throughout. Amazing! Nothing against Zoe's lovely mug but I'd probably photoshop her profile out.

audrey said...

i could maybe just crop it, but i kind of like how it makes the photo look not quite square, like that right bottom angle is a little acute.