Sunday, September 19, 2010

Feeling nostalgic for two months ago

Summer is almost over and I don't wanna let go! It was a good one.

We sweated through three hours of brooklyn and queens by bike on one of the hottest days of the summer, to get to an art party at a marina in Far Rockaway that Olivia was hosting. The reward: cold Bud and a dip in the grimy sound, surrounded by sex dolls bobbing in the water around us (art!).

Emi was born! Congratulations Carl & Ros, she's lovely. And at less than two weeks old, so tiny.

I spent 5 days on Fire Island, with Jens & Jenny and many of their friends. Activities consisted almost exclusively of laying on the beach, drinking beer, and eating giant group meals.

I hosted Otto at my house while Audrey was away in Paris reportaging the Tour de France.

While I was attending a Smashing Pumpkins concert with Adam at Terminal 5, some jerk tried to steal my bike. S/he was thwarted by my kryptonite chain, but my bike was rendered unrideable in the process. Matthew swooped in to find me an exact replacement--Maruishi Jr was shipped to me (aided by the kindness of Corvallis, OR resident Mike Cunningham) a couple weeks later!

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