Friday, June 10, 2011

Springing Forward!

Ah, looks like I am almost up to date on the catch-up posts!

First up, I had a visit from faraway friends Milla and Colin, as well as a fly-by visit from Bich Thu—all of whom live in London these days. I love it when friends of friends all become friends! We decided to celebrate that friendship with a lot of meat at Peter Luger's Steakhouse.

I have to say, I think Colin and I ate most of that giant plate o'meat. The rest of them? Practically useless!

But very cute!

May Day was Julia's birthday: Happy Birthday, Julia!

We had to do a big ride of course, and what better destination than scenic Staten Island? Our first stop was a delicious all-you-can-eat brunch buffet at Lakruwana, right down the street from the ferry. Afterward, we needed a big lawn to lay down on, so we rode down to bucolic Sailor's Snug Harbor.

Obligatory bike pile-up shot.

Snug Harbor also has a Chinese Scholar's Garden, which for some reason was free that day.

After that, we headed to the abandoned ship graveyard, because nothing says "birthday" like a tetanus shot!

I'm leaving out the mile-long hike on the beach dragging our bikes. I guess we were all having too much fun (!) to take any pictures. I joke.
What else happened in spring? Well, the cherry blossoms came and went.

We tried a few different coffee places. D'Espresso—this is their midtown location, where they have a very small space and some mind-boggling wallpaper.

Even on the floor!

Julia and I checked out a place in Soho called Saturdays Surf, which must have the best-looking clientele and baristi and by far the cutest dogs! Also, a great outdoor space in the back! Oh, the coffee was pretty good, too.

And I had a delicious cup of tea and scones at Alice's Tea Cup on the Upper East Side.

And summer's here already - popsicle time!


Julia said...

You actually went to D'Epresso?!

audrey said...

I did! The coffee was pretty good, and I think the wallpaper actually works!