Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ringing Out 2008 at Moma

The 31st of December, a few of us went to Moma to check out the Pipilotti Rist and the Marlene Dumas exhibits. Pipilotti Rist's "Pour Your Body Out" was pretty blissfully chill, and made for some great pics:

Being down in it was kind of like being inside a giant lava lamp.

We also went through the Rebus exhibit of Moma holdings curated by artist Vik Muniz. Here's Brooke, Julia, and Ian trying to tell the difference between art and life. (Where's Bich thu?)

Marlene Dumas was excellent btw, but no pictures allowed. Here's one I cadged from the www! This one is less sinister than most of the paintings on view at Moma.

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Julia said...

Wow nuts! I can't believe that's a Dumas. I'll have to look at some of her other work.