Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring is kinda sprung!

The weather has finally allowed for the first few outdoor outings of the season! Thrilling. Chronicled: Three weekends ago, a picnic in the waterside park in Williamsburg. With fixings from Tops plus a mega pricey but extremely delicious fresh-baked loaf of bread bought off the street from the owners of that new-ish pizzeria in Bushwick (either Roberta's or Fortunata's, can't remember which). It was slightly too chilly for just sitting around, but we persevered through our meal and then played an invigorating (and spastic! I ain't too proud to admit) game of frisbee.

The weekend after that, a few of us embarked on a bike ride up to Pleasantville. We started at Van Cortland Park (my last visit likely being during the 1994 x-c boro champs meet!)--about 20 miles along what Nim thinks is some sort of repaved former railway line. Gorgeous day. We stopped for food at a cafe in Pleasantville, and then most of us rode back through muddy non-paved roads, in the dark--the best part of the ride! The least best part? The low-speed collision between me and Dominic, resulting in a bloody lip and hand for me, plus a few massive bruises. Still, all in all a very fabulous excursion.

And this past weekend, a hike up at Breakneck Ridge, right near the Bear Mountain Bridge. We took a zipcar, which between five of us came to only $24 per person! Again, perfectly crisp weather, and a supremely invigorating scramble up massive boulders for the first 1.5 miles of the trail.

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Nancy said...

Loooooovely photos! And it looks like you took more than great advantage of the start of Spring!