Friday, February 5, 2010

Christina and Micah's Wedding Part II

The morning of the wedding, we paid a visit to the yard of Joe Minter, an outsider artist who lives and works in Birmingham. Although we didn't actually get to talk to Mr. Minter, we were able to see a lot of his work in the yard, where he creates sculptures out of found materials dealing with aspects of American history. We heard that he is happy to guide people through his "African Village in America," so we were disappointed that we missed him.

Right next to his yard is a historic black graveyard.

We couldn't spend too long exploring, though, before we had to go back to get pretty for the wedding. Here's Mags in her beautiful blue and gold sari.

She and Micah's best man, Reiner, sang a duet

there was a kiss

and they were married!

And then we got down!

Congratulations Christina and Micah!

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