Monday, March 8, 2010

Bike ride to Nyack Bushwhacking our way up Henry Hudson Drive

The plan was to do a ride up to Nyack, ridicule lycra-clad roadies at the Runcible Spoon, and then head back home in time to not watch the Oscars.

Here's Henry Hudson Drive--the portion of it that was rideable:

And here's us navigating the rest of Henry Hudson Drive, a veritable tree slaughter fest:

I think it's accurate to say that this portion of the "ride" went on for about an hour plus. I heard a lot of "FUCK!" and "I'm totally over this!" along the way and I think the general mood at the time can be summed up with "Waahhhhh!" but I also think that in retrospect we can all agree it was a grand time. So we had to scrap Nyack as a destination because of all the lost time, but we lucked out and got our fill of lycra after all:

And a close-up of Cara's look of abject horror at the team of identically dressed road warriors that passed by single file:

Bet they didn't get asked to pose for a style photo today!

Anyway we re-routed through Creskill and on to Tenafly, in search of food:

Which we did a killer job of finding:

Then we rode back over the George Washington Bridge just as the sun was starting to set, and that was that:

Miles logged, about 50 total: route map

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