Thursday, March 29, 2007

Multiple Kapoors

I spent a lot of last weekend with Monica and Sameer (aka Multiple Kapoors). We crashed an art party on Saturday night - okay, Monica and I tagged along, and Sameer was invited as a friend of a friend, so maybe crashed is an exxageration. We were a little unsure about what we were walking into. It was in an entire floor in a building in NoHo and since Sameer had been billing it as an "art party" we were slightly worried it would be classical music, fancy pants clothes, wine served in actual wine glasses. I think Sameer accurately distilled our anxiety into a sound bite when he turned to Monica and me in the elevator with a look bordering on alarm and said "Look, guys, this is a complete experiment. I don't know what this is going to be like." But we needn't have worried, because it was pretty much like any other party - strictly a plastic cup affair - except with candles.

The other feature that stood out (besides the free wine) was a swing hung from the rafters! Monica and I took some turns, until we were accused of hogging it, then we skulked off to get some more free wine.

Then Sunday morning, we met up again for brunch at Cafe Mogador, where Monica and I waited next to this ginormous dog!

I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but he made the sidewalk look small when he stood up. In an aside, I have to wonder (and I know everyone asks this question), where do these huge dogs live? How can they fit into an East Village apartment? Maybe if you lived on the Upper East Side, he could have a maid's room all to himself. He was so friendly and just exuded the canine charm, you know?
But back to brunch: I had my favorite - Eggs Normany (hollandaise sauce on the side), Monica had the Moroccan Eggs (which she likened to eggs with salsa, but yummy), and Sameer had the goat cheese and tomato omelet, and his first ever espresso drink. Afterwards, since it was such a nice day, Sameer and I wandered into Tomkins Square Park to welcome our next item:

check it out!
I know, it looks just like another chilly winter day, but take my word for it, it was in the high 50's! We ran into friends of Sameer's (i know, you're shocked), including another halfie, though she prefers hapa. Our numbers grow!! Sameer has pics: he'll show you when you get back, or maybe he'll give them to me to post?


qsoz said...

shouldn't that be multipoors?

audrey said...

sure, if the nickname had math origins. it came from a tidy cat commercial aimed at households with "multiple cats." one of our friends (but who?!) said that every time she saw the commercial, she thought of "multiple kapoors." i like multipoors also, but it could just sound like "lots of destitute folk" as opposed to sameer and monica.

julia said...

Looks like Monica finally prevailed in getting you to re-swap scarves??

audrey said...

no, she lost my scarf (perhaps accidently on purpose) during her recent move. she claims this scarf is *much* brighter than the one i forced her to trade. but do pictures lie?