Monday, April 2, 2007


I have a lot of pics from visiting Wai Gong with Tara, Mina, and Julia this past weekend, so I figure I'll space it out over a few posts. But we set the scene first:
There they are, a sight from my childhood: detached, single-family homes, each on an acre plot! I didn't get pics (why? why??!!) but some of Wai Gong's neighbors got very excited about Easter, and decorated their lawns with all kinds of lawn furniture - bunny statuettes, large hanging banners shaped like carrots. Since we won't be back before Easter, I guess I missed my chance to document. I don't know if any of the summer months have holidays that engender the same level of lawn decoration. We can only hope. Wai Gong's house, as you can see here
does not have lawn furniture. I guess since he's eighty-five, we'll give him a free pass on hauling out bunny statuettes. But it was nice to be in such a spread out physical environment after being in the city for a few months. You forget what life is like when there aren't ten people in every square foot. Plus, you know, grass. Something about it made me very tired - both days I was all yawny and groggy. Tara thought that maybe we were constantly overstimulated in the city and so the suburbs gave us a chance for all our senses to take a break. Greg thinks that somehow there's more oxygen in the suburbs and it makes us tired, as opposed to all the toxins and pollution in the city, which, what, acts like caffeine? Well, okay, he's not a scientist.

Inside Wai Gong's house, a lot of the furniture was missing, since he's getting ready to move next month. You can see how much open space there is now, which I think actually looks pretty good.
Here's Julia under a painting by Wai Gong's deceased wife. I wanted it to be a subject of a picture of its own since it tends to upstage everyone else in any attempt to have it as a backdrop. And below is a painting of the artist (Wai Gong's wife) when she was young.


Cara said...

I think July 4th is your next big break for lawn decoration.

audrey said...

Wai Gong is leaving for North Carolina in June, so that's not going to work. We'll have to find somewhere else for our suburban fix.