Monday, April 9, 2007

Suburbia III

At the very end of our visit, Wai Gong busted out a picture of himself in Shanghai from when he was 26. As you can see, he had it all rolled up in the back of some drawer. He told us it was taken in front of the only Western-style bridge in the city. I like the picture on the right because it's almost like four people are in the picture. Also because we have real people, painted people, photographed people. Wai Gong seemed kind of saddened by the picture. He said, "Pretty good-looking, eh?" wistfully, and then lamented "So old, ugly, now!" Aw. We tried to assure him that we don't find him ugly at all, but he wouldn't listen. It's true, he was a handsome guy, as well as a sharp dresser! Here's the close up.

When we're old, we'll probably feel the same way about pictures from our youth.


Cara said...

That's a really amazing photo. The extreme 2-toneness of it makes it look really modern, like it's been photoshopped.

audrey said...

well, i did play with it a little in photoshop to get it a little more contrasty. just to make it easier to see at 72 dpi, you know?