Friday, April 13, 2007

Below is snapshot roundup of what I've been up to over the past few weeks since slagging off on my blogging duties.

Homemade pizza and a viewing of The Three Amigos at Mina's (her significant-other Danny is standing in the center):

Audrey's slender fingers nimbly embroidering the cooking apron we made for Sang for his birthday. Somewhere one of us has a photo of the piece-de-resistance--the origami crane that she embroidered on the other corner of the front pocket. When we find it we'll post that too:

Mina looking cute, plaidsing it up with Dan (maybe you haven't met him but he's a good friend of Eric's):

James and I went on a weekend excursion to the DC/Virginia area right before I left for Texas. Here's me with James' mentor dude from law school, Mr. Wells:

Two people, three arms!

Penguins at the aquarium in Virginia Beach, VA. The saddest thing ever. Look closely, yes, the styrofoam ceiling panels are only a foot above the top of the penguins' heads. It made me claustrophobic just looking at them all crammed in there. We stayed for feeding time and these poor little guys were all so depressed that they wouldn't even eat, they just sat there and stared at the limp dead fish that were being shoved in their faces by the keepers:

And as an utter non-sequiter, I thought you guys would all be fascinated to know that I have FIVE weddings (and accompanying bridal showers) to attend over the next five months. Awesome!


Cara said...

Jeez, who all is getting married?

julia said...

1. Anil & Gloria
2. Phillip & Nim
3. Teresa (yup, Matthias' ex) & Sean
4. Marsha (Cal friend) & whatever her dude's name is
5. Claud & Eleanor

Somebody's gonna have to get cut, this is ridiculous...

qsoz said...

Can you please title your posts?

- the blog police

qsoz said...
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qsoz said...

Just go to your bro's and Anil's.