Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Dr. Li and I went out to Chinatown for dinner last night, and we stumbled across one of those new Star Wars themed mailboxes--pretty cute huh?


qsoz said...

What street/intersection is that?

julia said...

Not sure, but it's only a block or so away from Green Bo, the Shanghainese restaurant we were eating at. Why, are you gonna go over there dressed up in your Chewbacca outfit to take some pictures to post on your myspace page?

audrey said...

your dad looks so thrilled!

qsoz said...

No, HYB will dress up in his old C3PO costume (from when he was 5) and I'll post it on my Facebook page!

Sammy K said...

hey "gang"

there is also one (r2d2 box) on 5th ave and 50th street

upcoming themes will include

tattoo from fantasy island
timmy from passions
and last but not least
fat albert