Sunday, May 13, 2007

Certified Open Water Diver!

Hey gals,

So I'm back on Pemba now. And it's actually not as bad as I thought it'd be (besides the lack of power). I've been surprisingly chipper since I've been back, and just completed a diving course so now I'm a PADI certified Open Water diver!!

The diving is pretty amazing. It's just unbelievable being down there -- really like being on the moon. The diversity of life is incredible, and it's much less scary than I thought. Rather than being scared of sharks and such, the most dangerous thing seems to be yourself!! You can get decompression sickness or any variety of ailments from doing the wrong thing. It's serious stuff, but also amazing, and being such a fraidy-cat my whole life of the water, I've been surprisingly un-scared!

Anyway here are some pics as proof: my first Open Water dive yesterday.


audrey said...

awesome cara! as a fellow deep see-fearer, you're my hero!

julia said...

I can't imagine ever not feeling scared of water that isn't contained within a pool or bathtub. How does it compare to snorkeling, in terms of fear factor?