Thursday, April 5, 2007

Suburbia II

We went into the neighboring town (name forgotten) to check out the thrift stores. The ones featuring housewares were pretty expensive, but the clothing ones were more reasonable. We had to pass on innumberable fiestaware teacups and novelty Florida glasses with flamingos on them. I couldn't resist this book on Hieronymous Bosch though,

especially since it was written by Peter S. Beagle, the author of The Last Unicorn. Maybe you remember The Last Unicorn?
Apparently, it's just been rereleased on DVD in a 25th Anniversary Widescreen Edition. It seems Peter Beagle was shafted out of getting much money for it, so if you want to buy it (anyone? anyone?), buy it here. The other fun thing about anonymous New Jersey town neighboring Raritan was the creepy Shoplifters Beware poster we found in a window.

Scary, right? Both arms are so skeletal, with those malformed hands! I knew crime didn't pay, but who knew that it could twists your limbs like some disease only the debauched bachelors get in those Victorian novels! If that's what shoplifting does to you, I'm out!
Next post: a great picture of Wai Gong, age 26!


Cara said...

OMG I love The Last Unicorn! That bull was so scary when I was younger!!!

audrey said...

my dad took me to see it when i was about 7. i saw it pretty recently and had to ask myself how a 42 year old man in 1982 would have liked it.

audrey said...

i guess i don't need to tell you (but i will anyway) i *loooooooooved* it as 7 year old.