Tuesday, August 14, 2007

77 Drums and Beyond!

On 7/7/07, Japanese noise band the Boredoms had a concert with 77 drums. There was a huge line and we felt lucky to get into Brooklyn Bridge Park. They set up the drum kits in a spiral at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge with the Boredoms, or more specifically their frontman Eye, at the center. He led the drums with a big stick and a biiiig head o'hair. Just look at all those drum kits!
And those drummers!

That guy in the striped shirt and baseball cap in the outermost row is none other than Andrew W.K. Even better, when he stood up, he was wearing high-waisted jean shorts. Nice.

Besides the usual contingent of hipsters, there was a surprisingly diverse crowd that also included a girl in stilts and gold spandex.

Not all of us made it into the park; Eric and a friend of his with a rowboat hung out in the East River - a rowboat!! Eric claimed they could hear everything just fine, and I guess I wouldn't be surprised if people could hear it in Manhattan - they did have seventy-seven drums, after all. There were plenty of people crowded up on the Brooklyn Bridge walkway too. After the show, we went down to the "beach" to meet up.

After that, it was just a long night of drinking and being silly.

Eric shows off his iphone.

Fast forward about six hours for these pictures coming up. It's almost morning, but I must've had a lot to drink, 'cause I have what Greg calls "that drunk fishy look." And while Julia looks much more coherent, does she actually remember these pictures being taken?

Why are we cracking up? Is it because we couldn't figure out the timer? Or because we were trying to not all be smushed into a corner of the picture like in the one on the left?

I'm ending this picture series of Newtown Creek with me and Eric because we were the last two left that night! That's right, everyone else punked out on breakfast, but it's not as if I could get home without catching a ride on Eric's handlebars, so maybe it wasn't so much due to my diehard party spirit.

We ran into a few people eating some post-club fried chicken in Greenpoint. I took a pass, but Eric downed it - and threw the bones over his shoulder when he thought no one was looking.

Does this picture really need an explanation?

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