Thursday, August 9, 2007

Bike Share and Brooklyn Bridge Park Floating Pool

One early July afternoon, Julia, James and I went over to the Storefront for Art and Architecture to check out the Bike Share experiment. We were the only people there at the moment except for an AP photographer who proceeded to take shot after shot of us on the bikes. So I don't know how long this link'll work, but here's the New York Times blog article on it and (drum roll, please) a picture of me! In the New York Times!! Well, in the Times blog anyway. There's an article in the Washington Post as well, and the caption says it's the three of us, but the picture's not coming up. I think we made New York magazine as well. And since we're on the topic of bike-related fame, here's our own J-li on StreetBeat doing the Tour de Brooklyn!

Later on, we picked up Bichthu, Eric, Mina, and Francis and went to the Brooklyn Bridge Park Floating Pool. We didn't actually make it to the floating pool that day - it turned out to be the day of aborted plans - but we did make it to their sandy "beach" to lounge around and play scrabble. And wear ladies' sunglasses.

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