Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Audrey turns 32!

For her 32nd birthday, Audrey demonstrated that she has the most tolerant neighbors anybody could hope for, when the civilized "I'm well into my 30's now" vibe gave way to a raucous all-night dance party featuring non-stop rumpshaking, off-key singalongs, and impromptu breakdancing...
Mina didn't get the memo to "wear a little black dress, or else":
To be fair, apparently James didn't either:
"Or else":
I don't actually have any proof of the super late-night shenanigans because I was too busy dancing to document, but instead here are some shots of the dual birthday cakes Audrey baked. The vegan cupcakes she also baked didn't make it into the shot probably because they all ended up in my belly before any pictures could be snapped.

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audrey said...

thanks for the video, julia! sometimes, i like to watch everyone singing to me.