Sunday, June 8, 2008

Gov Island Jazz Picnic

Me and Tekla (she made this silk dress!)The halfies represented!!

Some of my Monday-night swing dance buddies pose in front of my instructor's (far right) 1929 vintage car.

Stripes! Gretchen (left) also made her dress and hat!!

More swing dancing cuties from my dance studio.


vipnyc said...

Ah, so it *was* you lovely ladies I spied in my photos when I got home last night! Sorry I missed you on the island yesterday afternoon. Good times!

audrey said...

I'm so impressed with all your swing friends, Cara. Not only dressed to the nines, but *dancing* in that heat! Hard core!

Julia said...

And check out who else snapped a picture of our sharply dressed "colored" friend (is that what they're calling halfies these days?):

See the June 10th posting.