Thursday, June 19, 2008

The green edition

This is what Claudius got me for my birthday this year:

It's a Solio, a solar powered charger that actually stores power, so that you can juice it up on your window sill and then when you're good and ready, attach your cell phone or ipod or whatever and be all up in the 21st century but off the grid at the same time. I've been using it to charge my cell phone for the past week and it works perfectly, though I admittedly have ridiculously good, direct sunlight streaming through my windows for a good 4-5 hours per day. I could see it coming in handy when camping, of course, but even when travelling, since it obviates the need for power converters.

Moving on. Today was the first distribution of the Stanton Street CSA, and things went delightfully smoothly! I've been salivating for Ted's farm fresh veggies and fruit for months, and I could hardly wait to get home to make myself a massive dinner salad. Strawberries for dessert!

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