Monday, June 16, 2008

Another killer summer is on the way

The first outdoor scrabble game of the season happened in Fulton Ferry State Park, in honor of Kristina's visit from San Francisco. Things felt a little off kilter and then we realized it was because Banana Hammock man was nowhere in sight. Dunno where he was off to, but condolences to him and his loved ones--I can only imagine that it must have been a serious family emergency to keep him and his fluorescent butt floss away on such a perfect day.

May being bike Month, there were also many Bicycle Film Festival happenings, including a party at Studio B. There was dancing:

There were pals hugging:

And Lucky Dragons did a performance art piece involving humming rocks:

Elliott helped get the party started:

And that's all she wrote for BFF shenanigans:

Two weekends ago there was also a 50 mile bike ride out to a farm in Long Island (thanks for inviting us, Monica!) which involved lots of lycra, excessive heat, and a seaside respite--most of the pictures are on Facebook already but here are a few more:


Cara said...

what's with the flourescent multicolored hoses at BFF??

also -- love the pic of Elliott w/ the rocks on his arm. too cute!

Julia said...

Oh that's a mic cord wrapped in a bright coating, courtesy Lucky Dragons I guess.