Friday, April 11, 2008

Puerto Rico Part I

Recently, Mina and I decided to escape the cold cold New York winter for a little vacay in sunny Puerto Rico! We took a little little plane from the main island to the island just off the eastern coast, Vieques.

This is the view from the Malècon - the boardwalk, basically - right outside our guesthouse.
How many pictures of the beach do you need?
Here's the panoramic:

There were horses everywhere

We even saw a couple of them getting it on. Ah, nature!

Sadly, I couldn't take pictures of the bioluminescent bay without getting my camera all wet.
On our last day, I took a ride on horseback around the island.

This is me and Estal. Just look at how happy I am, with my very own pony! According to this, a man kept a pony in his apartment in Sweden. Hmmm...

Pics of San Juan to come!


vyc said...

omg, that's beautiful! rivals the beaches here. . .

pony rides, however, are a little harder to come by in Sri Lanka.


audrey said...

i was looking around online for some pony-related links and i found a sienfeld episode where jerry wonders why someone would move from a country where ponies are common to a non-pony country.
i'm kind of on the same page.

Cara said...

Completely deserted beaches..! That looks really nice!!!!

audrey said...

there were a few people on each beach, but it warn't no jones beach! next time, we get 4 or 5 people together and rent a little house for a week. it's so cheap and laid back!