Monday, April 14, 2008

Puerto Rico Part II

On our last day, Mina and I went in to Old San Juan. The city sits on an island, at the tip of which is a fort from the 16th century:

This is looking back towards the city of old San Juan

The town of Old San Juan is very charming. Pastel colored houses line the cobblestone streets. It's all very picturesque and "Girls of Rochefort" if Old San Juan were in France, and Mina and I had matching pastel minidresses, and if Gene Kelly was tap dancing down the street to us. Nevermind, here are the pictures:

I decided this would be the building to buy if I had to live in Old San Juan.

And a little street art. This little boy and ghost were just a few feet away from each other. It's too bad they both look so forlorn. Next time the artists should put them closer together so they could be friends!

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